Over the years, the team has developed strong technology-based skills and achieved scientific and technical goals with a direct impact on society and the economy.

The sharing of this knowledge and the return to society has been made through publications that describe the advances made and encourage the collective exploitation of these results and through the creation of solutions to problems in several areas.

The main areas of work and the results achieved include:

Transports and logistics

New governance models for freight exchange linking Regions through multimodal maritime based corridors

Multimodal Interoperability E‑services for logistics and Environment sustainability

Electronic Port Community System

Collaborative platform for the naval construction sector in Galicia and North of Portugal

Health and wellness

Telematics systems for military health system

Process management for Animal health and food safety laboratory

Social Network for elderly

Management system of Social support to homeless

Comparative Effectiveness Research on Internet-based Depression Treatment

Stepped care treatments and digital solutions for depression and suicide prevention in primary care

Nature and Environment

Oceanic observatory for the Iberian shelf

Portuguese Seamounts Biodiversity Data Management

Satellite applications for public policy and sustainable development

Public Administration

Civil-servant Empowerment for Multi Media Service Delivery ICT-enabled

Interoperability Regional Framework

e-Administration Framework for Small Local Authorities

Interactive geographic information system for smartcities

Critical Systems

Ultra-Scalable and Ultra-Efficient Integrated and Visual Big Data Analytics